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About us

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In an age of constant change, where tomorrow's survival depends on your actions today. PERPLEXITY searches for the answer to the perplexity at the heart of the client's problem.

At PERPLEXITY, we believe in a simple formula:

When you understand the GAP, you can choose to fill the GAP...

The GAP is the difference between the "as is" and the "should be."


Whether the GAP is an easy solution seen from a different perspective or a hard-to-find multi-leveled solution, PERPLEXITY finds the way forward.



PERPLEXITY adds the VALUE you need to achieve your MISSION. With PERPLEXITY, you can have the value of a specialist without the cost of hiring a specialist!

Our mission at PERPLEXITY is to provide a cost-effective way to achieve safety and security from both internal and external threats, without the need to hire a professional.

Our Experience

PERPLEXITY has over 50 years of experience in the most difficult and harshest environments. From conflict Zones in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East to the tranquil Rural settings of Georgia, USA. From the Multi-National Corporations of West Africa to the Glitz of the United Arab Emirates

PERPLEXITY has experience in

  • Facilities Management

  • Land Disputes

  • Government Liaison

  • Tribal Negotiations

  • Property Management

  • Conflict Management

  • EXPAT evacuations and Emergency Management

  • Law Enforcement and Armed Conflict

  • Process development

  • VIP Protection

  • Event Management

  • Security Management

  • Intelligence Gathering and Analytics

  • International Extractions

  • Fleet Management

  • Factory Management

  • Construction Management

  • Project Management

  • Leadership Development

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